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  1. Denny says:

    John isn’t ready I don’t think they should push it they will need him

  2. Todd says:

    Why not put Santiago in his original role as WR?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      He is already hobbled and hasn’t played it in 4 years. Could be a wrinkle, maybe?

  3. Todd says:

    Izzy still out too?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Yes. Probably for the year now.

  4. Undbiz says:

    5 DE recruits? Any kickers on our radar? Any RBs? LBs? WRs? Who plays NT for UND next season?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      They lose three DL this year and need at least 10 at all times. As far as kicker I would assume they are 100% bringing in another kicker for competition purposes. There is no way they can just leave it as is and assume it will work out.
      We believe they will try to get a juco/fbs nose to help out Morrison.

      1. UNDBIZ says:

        But 2/3 of those DL are NTs. Appears we’re looking at bringing in 5 DEs to replace 1. Great to have competition for the spots, but gotta question committing so much scholarship $ and roster space to 1/11th of the field.

        1. und360-kelly says:

          They feel they can move guys down to NG if need be. Seguin could be one of those guys. Engwall could plays some nose as well. I honestly don’t know their thought process but we do have to remember that very few of these guys are full rides. Not until they are juniors/seniors probably.

  5. Todd says:

    Hard to understand Seguin at NG when he seems undersized as an DE now. IMO. Like his motor, but needs 40 pounds doesn’t he?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Under the assumption he will put on weight. But, they have moved guys around to steal reps before, including NG.

  6. Todd says:

    Trusting you will address the future of UND football and who may be the coaches of the team next year.

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