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  1. Eric says:

    I feel the same way about Keech. When he committed my initial thoughts were “who?”, but after watching his senior tape I think he could really turn into something special.

    Good write up!

  2. MoSiouxFans says:

    Really enjoyed your analysis, as usual. Thanks! A good QB commit as well as a NG will really round out this class nicely.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Appreciate you stopping by and the kind words!

  3. Homer says:

    I’ve heard nothing but good about the kid from Carrington and think he is a kid that could develop into a solid player. He’s athletic and hard nosed and will fit Schmidtty’s defensive scheme well if he can add some weight.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      He is what we term a “junkyard dog”. Just wants to mix it up on a play-by-play basis, physical, tough. Like you said, add some size and we got something.

  4. Noseknows says:

    No mention of a NG that could play right away? Are you aware of any current roster shuffling to bolster that position? I am seriously concerned that we will be going into the year very light at NG which would be a disaster, particularly in our second game of the year.

    1. Moser53 says:

      Everyone is concerned about the D line. Are there any O lineman switching to the D line?

      No Canadians. I see UND offered a kid from Regina that SDSU got. Ethan Vibert 6’4″ 290. This may have been a tough loss.

      We need to get back on track in Canada. Tough kids there.

  5. Moser53 says:

    Sioux Sports topic 2019 season talking about the Bison buying out the UND game next fall. Could happen. The people who pushed for ending the rivalry in 2003 are still there. The last thing they want is going back to the good ol days. They want big 12 football. And they have the money to do it. They want higher enrollment bad. See latest gift from the State High Board.

    Sioux Volley comes up with a lot of different senerios for conference affiliations and takes some heat for it. Time will tell. He is a bright guy.

    One thing he posted about Joe Chapman saying he got where he is by backstabbing people. All the political might in ND had Joe’s back. Who did he backstab Kupchella? Joe Chapman did what he was told and did it well. Just look where SU was in 1999 to now.

    People know where these 2 Universities are headed and there’s nobody at least publicly has stepped up to call em out. What’s going on behind the scenes? It’s going to get very interesting.

  6. Moser53 says:

    What I see read or hear what’s going on in Fargo Moorhead when it comes to big dreams and plans. It’s pretty impressive. And I think there’s one man behind most of it. Governor Doug Bergum.You don’t build a world class company by thinking small.Doug loves Fargo and NDSU is his passion. Going to be fun to watch. Doug has been winning for a long time. It would be hard to bet against him.

    I don’t think I’ve heard or read one comment from Doug about UND vs SU in athletics. When your silent you probably like what’s going on. He did sign the bill that forced a decision by the 2 Presidents to retire the Nickle Trophy. Again not a word from Doug that I remember.

    Big 12 Football at SU? Part of the plan? Foot in the door? SU is already an affiliate member of the Big 12. Now Gene Taylor AD at Kansas St. Klieman the coach there now. How do you get there? Money talks and people pushing for you who are already in the conference.

    The future. Where is UND Hockey going to be in 15-20 years? If you could get into the Big 10 you could could rest easy that you would always be playing at the highest level. That should be the goal.

  7. Drivel says:

    Please stop allowing moser53 to pollute this site.

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