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  1. siouxhog71 says:

    What a game! Always appreciate your analysis. My JMU football alum friend also thought UND would be ranked in the top 5. I told him that they are a good, talented team, but they aren’t a dominant top 5 team…yet. Putting a full game together is going to be important especially when they go on the road. I think the home field advantage has helped the past two weeks to recover from slow starts and don’t think they can afford that on the road. We will see. It’s already a fun and exciting year!

  2. Siouxfb says:

    Appreciate the write-up. What a game. It was amazing how the pressure impacted the SDSU qb play in the second half. He looked like an all-american the first half, but pretty average in the second half. I think he finished at a 50% completion rate after only have 4 or 5 incompletions in the first half. Huge credit to the d-line and linebackers for getting pressure. Larson blowing through the running back for a sack in the 4th quarter was awesome!

  3. Floyd says:

    Buick Bob Nielsen! LoL! Best salesman in the upper midwest.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      he is the best around.

  4. Denny says:

    I agree Kelly with your analysis of the game. It seems like we’re hitting on all cylinders now except for the beginning of the games. We have a long ways to go there’s six more games that we have to stay focused and of course four of them are away games. It will Good to see how we play on the road. Hawk crazy!


    Let’s hear it for Ty Shannon for blocking that punt which turned into a score for UND!!! He had a great game.

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