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  1. moser53 says:

    Talk about SU moving up to FBS on SS. Maybe this is the case. If SU wanted to be in the Mid American or the Mountain West they would already be there.

    First choice that makes sense is to be in the same conference there wrestling team is in. The Big 12. Dean Bresciani is from the Big 12. Kansas State all SU guys.

    I believe SU is working very hard behind the scenes to make the Big 12 a reality. Power5 is where’s at and they know it. The program may take a step back if not in the power 5 and that is a concern.

    Lack of funds or money is not a concern as some who post say it is. The money will be there is the Big 12 Presidents vote them in.

    Ask yourself this question. Why would they vote them in?

  2. Moser53 says:

    Reading more on SS bison73 commented on a post saying SU wanting the Mountain West. We do? Manbe Lakes does but not the rest of us. There you have it. They all know what Governor Burgun wants.

    The big time for his beloved NDSU and Fargo. Doug Bergum wants power 5 football and in the Big12 is where he wants SU.

    This is the biggest passion he has ever had for anything in his life. There is little talk on Bisonville about Bergum. There praying he comes thru.

    Just one posters opinion.

  3. Moser53 says:

    SiouxVolley gives some common sense reasons why NDSU doesn’t meet the qualifications to enter the Big 12. Like academics, research, market, enrollment. Historically he would be correct they would never be considered.

    Not normal times

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