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  1. Lon says:

    We need to play this game. Like it’s. Win advance. Lose. Done. That needs to be the urgency.

  2. Eric Solberg says:

    I feel UND has relied too much on the pass this year because of failure to establish the run early on. I think this became apparent in the EWU game, even though it was one of UND’s more effective running games this season. I wouldn’t criticize Ketteringham too much given the wind and the elements. Given the freezing rain/snow and wind, this was definitely a game where there should never have been that many pass attempts.

    I have also seen multiple teams (in the past two seasons) effectively establish the run up the middle until UND makes an adjustment at half time. I wish we would see the adjustment made earlier since teams are using this knowledge to exploit UND’s failure to make changes early on.

  3. Moser53 says:

    Pretty hard to be a top flight football program when the enemy is supposed to be your supporters. The past UND Presidents brought in to tear down not build up. We can hope things will change.

    On to the topic UND football and the state of things. A lot of talk of Quarterbacks on SS now and the past few years since Mussman got replaced. Most on Sioux Sports think UND has had D2 caliber QBs since Muss got axed. Muss had some legit D1 QBs when he was here. Muss could recruit game changers. The 2015 team was a playoff caliber team they were his players. Maybe they who are they thought Muss could recruit to well and he had to be replaced. Not all good with Muss but he coached here through some trying times. Like I said it’s hard to win when the system is stacked against you. I wonder what Muss would have done if he would have had NDSU like support. Same with Bubba.

    Looking back at Muss’s Great West Championship team in 2011 they were 8-3 one of the losses was at Fresno State where UND rushed for 216 yards with Jake Miller for 145. Held Fresno under 100 yards rushing. O and D line play at UND needs to get back where it was like the game at Northern Iowa with Dressler. In 2012 Muss had Marcus Hendreckson and North Carolina transfer Braden Hanson. Very good QBs. I wonder if Muss recruited Danny Freund .

    If I had to guess about this current team. Maybe not a lot of All Confrence players but the second half of Saturday’s game showed there’s no quit and they play hard for there University.

  4. Moser53 says:

    You have offense, defense, and special teams. The theory is that each one of these has to be successful to have a winning season.

    Special teams play or the lack of recruiting there has been disappointing. Field position plays a big part in determining the outcome of a game. So the experts say.

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