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  1. Siouxfan512 says:

    Thanks for some of the clarification on recruiting vs retaining seniors.

    When it comes to returning for an additional senior year, will that be at the discretion of the player or the coaches? I assume the coaches will not want to waste another scholarship on guys who they do not plan on starting or having a real impact.


    As always, thank you for your writeups. Hope to see more soon!

    1. und360-kelly says:

      I think it will be a delicate situation, like you touched on. Some seniors will want to move on. Some seniors will not have their scholarship renewed for an extra year and other will be asked if they want to return, based on productivity, etc. It’s delicate for sure.

  2. Denny says:

    Thanks for the rundown it puts things into perspective. I’m excited about the quarterback position I think Tommy is the guy as you mentioned just has a sense and a feel for the game. And it seems like he is a leader it will be interesting to see how we look on defense though you got to be able to get off the field!

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