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  1. UND Guy says:

    Is London still on the roster?

  2. HawksFootballFan says:

    Where is the Gopher transfer, London? Did he quit/get kicked off team/academically ineligible? Other?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Not sure his status. Have heard conflicting things but don’t think he is better than the three I mentioned, anyway.

  3. Moser53 says:

    The few times we’ve seen Otis W run the ball he looks like a real game changer. Not surprising he won’t carrying the ball in his home area next fall. Bad grades. When is the last time you heard about an NDSU football player not playing because of grades? Maybe once.

    Reading Sioux Sports the past decade or so a lot of the bad news of all the cuts at UND have been posts from our friends to the south. There the first to break the news.

    Maybe a lot maybe a few people on the campus of UND are not there to make UND a better place. Two Dorms empty.

    Play books and game plans get out to those who want them.

    1. Moser53 says:

      Since I can’t post on Sioux Sports I wonder if anyone knows or has an opinion on the future of NDSU athletics. A few years ago watching a SU press confrence J. Jorgensen said SU playing football at UND was off the table.

      Don’t think there satisfied with a NCC repeat. There facilities are being upgraded for a move up. They want Iowa State, Kansas State as rivals not the likes of Bowling Green.

      Student enrollmet would have to double. Where do you get the students? Combine SU and UND it’s an old idea.

  4. Moser53 says:

    Reading the amount of money that each school will receive in the Big 12 this year. 38 Million per school payout. A record amount. NDSU wants in.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    What happened to RB Dalton Gee
    On 2019 Rooster. Is he still Playing!

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Yep he is still on the team. Not sure why he isn’t listed on the roster, yet.

      1. Jeffrey says:

        Thanks for the Reply about RB Gee!
        Followed him lead his team to the California State Championship. Look forward to seeing big things with UND
        Football with him breaking out of the backfield this year. Go UND!!!

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