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  1. polarbear64 says:

    Appreciate the analysis here and would love to hear your thoughts on changes to the offensive coaching staff. I am a fan of smash mouth football and agree that the depth and talent on the offensive line has been down the last couple of years. Hope this program can start stacking up large frame guys, and get a top-notch strength and conditioning coach to get them to a point where they can dominate. On defense, I am also a fan of the 3-4, attacking style, but like on offense, I think they’ll need to get some good defensive linemen to replace the good ones they are losing now. I think this team offensively could look to the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears and how they are using misdirection with wide receivers running jet sweeps, or fake jet sweeps, to diversify the running game a bit and throw play action passes. Seems like that could work with Bubba’s preferred control running game.

    1. dsbutler71 says:

      Good comment overall with a few responses on the offense. The disappointing thing about this season is that they got worse, not better over time. They were too predictable and easy to stop as the season went on. The O-line was quite good the first 5-6 games of the year, and then suddenly were getting run by (with few apparent injuries other than typical stuff). Teams stacked the line and they predictably ran the football with the same few plays. The necessary adjustments didn’t seem to occur as the season went on. All of this was very visible and the article explains and documents it well. I’m a fan of smash mouth football as well, but what happened this year was more like insanity rather than good, old fashioned football.

  2. Sioux46 says:

    If Bubba will not open up the offense a little and remains rock solid stubborn about his deliberate style I’m not very optimistic about the future. UND has had an up tempo offensive philosophy for years, with the exception of the years Bill Deutsche, Dale Kasowski and Brian Grover held court. I feel bad for John Santiago and Brady Oliveira. I felt the two most dynamic running backs we have had in years were missused and deserved much better results this season than they got. I know a lot of fans have called for replacement of the offensive coordinator but that won’t help as he is just carrying out Bubba’s plan.. Have you guys ever talked to Bubba about changing the offense?

    Injuries, a big factor within football, especially UND football. With today’s emphasis on bigger, faster, stronger injuries have rapidly increased. Maybe time for Coach John Gagliardi’s policy of no contact/no tackle practices.

    My question to you guys is what is the way out of this’s mess, what does the running back situation look like next year and is Boltman the go to guy at qtrback?

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