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  1. Moser53 says:

    Home field advantage at the Al? UND on the road for 2 of the last 3. Like there chances on the road. The home game will be the game I worry about. The last few years there’s an uneasy feeling when we play at home. Kinda hope we make the playoffs and have to be on the road. Shouldn’t feel that way.

    Talk about the camera always showing the side of the field with the sparce crowd. True there’s less people on that side. But why do they show it 100 times a game. On purpose? When I watch SUs game you rarely see wide angle shot of the crowd.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      It would definitely help if the opposing side camera were used to show the home side crowd, where everyone is typically.

  2. Sioux46 says:

    Some years ago when the Ralph was in its infancy and Dean Blais was UNDs men’s hockey coach one of the most remarkable post game interviews took place. UND had just lost and had not played particularly well. Coach Blais threw his team under a bus by saying they were flat, lacked focus, hustle and were not assignment sharp. In short they were not ready to play. After that interview the tv crew were set up to interview Roger Thomas, at that time UNDs AD. Before Roger began talking about what was new in UND athletics he made some comments about the game and, in so doing, he threw Blais under a bus. He said anytime one of his football teams had a game like this, where they were flat, lacked energy and focus, he felt that was on him and his staff. He felt it was his responsibility to have his teams ready to play, not just strategy wise but also mentally prepared. Very interesting.

    It seems to me that this year the Hawks have had too many of those games, both wins and losses. They have been very inconsistent all year. So,as in the words of Coach Thomas, is some of this on Bubba and his staff and how they are preparing the team?

  3. Moser53 says:

    360 guys question about the running back and tightend screen game. Does it make it harder to run screens when your a running team?

    Watching SU run the wheel routes the backs seem to be wide open. Big plays.

    How often does UND run screens and wheel routes? Does UND need to run more of them especially against playoff type defenses?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      UND just isn’t very good at running screens. They tried earlier this year and timing was off resulting in lost yards. Every offense is different and focuses on certain areas to get good at.

  4. Siouxfan46 says:

    I e-mailed Tom Miller, UND football beat writer for the Grand Forks Herald. I made a comment that I was alarmed that UND gave up well over 400 yds of offense to Weber St. I said that’s about the same yardage they gave up to Washington and while Weber has a good team they are not Washington. He responded by saying that was a good question. He made the comment that Weber’s offense had not been good but they looked way to comfortable against the Hawk defense. He also said the injuries to the line backing core may have had a lot to do with it.

    There’s that injury bug popping up again this year both on offense and defense.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      The OLB position is missing Palmborg greatly. J. Lawrence has a lower leg injury that he is battling through but probably will last the entire season. They need the OLB’s to make plays off the edge and in space but that hasn’t been happening lately.

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