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  1. I am amazed that some are giving the special teams a pass on this game. True, no major guffaws, but you cannot let the opposing team, no matter how good or bad start every drive on their 30 yd line. Kick the damn ball in the end zone or at least to the goal line! Same with punts, no short ones.
    D is a lot easier to play when the opponent is starting from deep in your red zone.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      True. I left that alone because I didn’t want to skip A,B,C to get to D. Peterson could have gotten much more on his punts, yes, and the first kickoff landed at the 11. A freshman kicker in the Fargodome probably needs to be cut some slack.

  2. Hogs says:

    Not sure how the coaches thought it would benefit us to have the OL lose weight for this year. Next year we will get mauled if the hogs aren’t beefed up across the board.

  3. MoSiouxFan says:

    Some say that we are lacking a deep threat. What about Izzy? I read a couple of weeks ago or so that he had returned to practice. Do you know if he is about good to go yet? And, if so, wouldn’t he give us that deep threat?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Not so worried about a “deep threat” as much as a quick, shifty guy who can make people miss in space. Cochran has that ability and Izzy would be the straight line deep threat. He made a huge catch on a post route last year vs SHSU that helped the UND offense immensely.

  4. Eric Solberg says:

    It appeared UND coaching staff pretty much gave up after the first half… definitely after the first drive of the second half.

    It would’ve been nice to have them try a few more plays they closed practice to the public to work on.

    I felt there was more passion at the FBS Washington game last year-among both the UND staff and players.

  5. Siouxfan46 says:

    Just remembered earlier on in the game Flash Gordon, on a run pass option, missed a wide open receiver in the end zone. It would be easy to say that would have given the Hawks another 7 points except I think that play came during our lone Rd drive.

  6. Siouxfan46 says:

    Had a friend, a former UND wideout, who thinks Johannson didn’t get nearly enough touches. I think to have an effective running game you have to have a good offensive line, that doesn’t appear to be one of our strengths. With the loss of 3 players on the d line we struggled there. I guess I’m very disappointed that after Bubba’s 6th or7th year we are no closer to competing with the bison. After that many years we still have very little depth. While we try to rebuild the bison just plug another projected all conference player into replace a departing one.. They have had a succession of great quarterbacks, we have not. Are we unable to recruit one? Frustration talking.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      I gotcha, everything you said is definitely worth talking about. QB has been an issue for years, especially depth. I liked Keaton and thought he ran a good offense but there was no depth with him. Its not a coincidence that two of the position groups you pointed out had their coaches let go last year. As far as defensive line there has been a bit of bad luck there, also. Losing Honerlaw, Engwall and Ott hurt badly as all three would be playing right now.

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