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  1. firg voss reporting says:

    yes ketts numbers looked good buy why didn’t zim look more comfortable with a stronger arm…

  2. Denny says:

    Nice overview I thought our defense played pretty well against the inferior offense from Drake. Things will be different this week against a good team with a good quarterback. And I am excited to see what our offense can do! Of course our quarterback will be hurried this week compared to last So we’ll have to see how he reacts to the pressure! North Dakota proud!

  3. Nodak78 says:

    I really like Dannyball. The receivers run good routes. If the line can give some time Zim should do fine. His first pass was beautifully timed.

    Defense will have their hands full. I hope they can create some TO’s to give the offense a chance.

  4. Trenches says:

    Worried about the trenches for next week? The OL was overly dominant and the DL looked like they got pushed around at times against the run.

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