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  1. Tim Tebthrow says:

    Is it the best long term plan for football meeting rooms to be in this building? I feel like it would be best if non football programs moved to this new building, and football could get phase II for itself. It would be really disappointing if meeting rooms, locker rooms, and the weight room weren’t all in the same location after all of this construction. Thoughts?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      I hear ya. There are plenty of routes to take once the money comes in for HPC II, which I am not sure of how close they are to getting yet. I could your scenario playing out once all parties get together and figure out what is best.

  2. joe says:

    This is a great idea, especially in our new Covid world.

  3. L larson says:

    Thanks for your exciting news. Sure hope approval approval comes in time for Spring
    I am curious if their has been discussion of selling bricks to raise money for HPC or perhaps some brick used as a decorative wall to retain some history. Lots of things could be done with the brick Thanks you again for your effort to cover Hawks football

  4. Rebecca freeman says:

    It will not live on…I would like , just once, to see a historic Ruin. With ivy covered crumbling walls .This country is famous for tearing anything with a dangerous crack in it .I have been to church in 800 year old edifices in Europe. Sad, so sad.It is a prrtense to say this is in some way saving the beautiful old stadium. Will never forget games there…I guess you can’t take that away. Just like THE NAME!

    1. und360-kelly says:

      I understand your sentiment as Memorial was and always will be a major part of UND Football and the campus. However, it was more than crumbling and became a major health hazard with asbestos, etc. Would have cost millions to remediate and reconstruct the guts.

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