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  1. Nodak78 says:

    I look forward to Your analysis of the recruiting class with the new additions. Also a projection or two on DL coach.

  2. Spectator says:

    The decline of our quarterback’s play – will a new coaching philosophy bring that around?

  3. Old timer says:

    From the signing day event at the REA last week, I came away very impressed with Pawlak. Easy to see his passion and attitude. One area I see needing major improvement is our O-line play, especially over the last couple years in terms of quality depth. What role are these position coaches allowed in the off season?

  4. MoSiouxFan says:

    Any roster updates as we approach the first day of spring ball?

    Would you rank this recruiting class as one of the best that we’ve ever had? The best?


  5. Homer says:

    What are you guys hearing about injuries are healing in the off-season? Mainly Ott… would love to have that young man back at full speed this fall.

  6. Simple Mind says:

    What is your take on the current NG situation? Last year we had two solid options that would rotate.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Let’s just wait and see what happens after spring ball. Yes, they are missing that big bodied, upper-class guy. But, they have some guys who could do it but will need reps. If the staff doesn’t like what they they will go get a drop-down or juco to fill some reps.

  7. MoSiouxFan says:

    Our last-minute QB signee looks like a steal to me. Maybe there’s something that I’m not seeing. What’s your take on it?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      He is a pretty good player. I know that much. A bit of mystery since he popped up so late but there are two years worth of tape out there that say he is a heck of a QB. He will need to be a scrambler and issue-maker for the opposing defense to be effective, which he has shown an ability to do.

  8. UND Fan says:

    Thanks for the great chat today!

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Much appreciated, thank you for stopping by! The chats are always enjoyable.

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