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  1. Fan says:

    How big of a concern is the D-line? A lot of uncertainty, given the experience aspect, no doubt, but how is the talent level?

    Simple question is can they hold their own this year, or is this ILB position of two years ago?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      It’s only a concern if one of the big hitters, like Bennett, go down to injury. Then, they are real young. It isn’t the ILB position of two years ago as that was abnormally absurd. It would take 2-3 injuries to reach that level. This group has talent but it will need to develop methodically as the year goes on.

  2. sioux24/7 says:

    As of right now, who do you see having their shirt pulled for the year (not just the 4 games). From what I have read I would guess Fort for sure, possibly one of the DL mentioned before, maybe Skokna? Sounds like Cochran has the talent as well but we are pretty deep at WR right now.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      That’s a tough one. At CB, UND has Blubaugh, Holm, Odom, and Siegel who will all play. Right now they don’t “need” Fort but we see him being a factor. I would prefer they didn’t have to pull his shirt but rather play him as needed for four games.
      I would almost guarantee that one of the DL play the entire year, maybe even two of them. Pierre and Moore would be two that could play DE.
      No need for Cochran to play with all that depth at WR. They are legit 6 deep right now. They shouldn’t need Skokna, either, unless injuries pop up.

  3. MoSiouxFan says:

    Any ideas why we haven’t heard much of anything about Izzy so far this fall? Still recovering from injury?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Yep, he has been injured. It may be a while, luckily the depth is really good at WR.

  4. sioux46 says:

    I would guess the lack of depth and experience on the d line will be a factor in the bison game especially seeing that is early in the schedule. If they can stay healthy as the season wears on it may be be a pretty salty unit.
    Because of the lack of depth do the coaches ever consider un padded or no contact practices.?

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