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  1. Dennis Burthwick says:

    Who in fall session at QB will shine and have the tools and leadership ability. I think we need improvement was disappointed last seasons play.

  2. From the Corner says:

    Is Boltmann really that far away from competing from the starting job or is this just getting another wrinkle for defenses to think about? Should there be any concern or is the panic button being pressed here too soon?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      I don’t feel there is anything to panic about, no. They have two seniors and a junior ahead of him and to this point he hasn’t shown he’s better than them.

      But he’s a pretty good athlete so I think they’re just moving them around and see if anything clicks. There was even speculation about moving him to safety if need be.

      1. From the Corner says:

        Fair enough. Found it interesting but will step off the ledge. Hope he can make an impact somewhere, somehow it 2019.

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