1. Moser53 says:

    Good Info

    Who is calling the shots at UND? Who told Bubba to shut down fall camp b4 Missouri Valley meetings. That is correct isn’t it? It’s always UND. Interesting how UND has a press conference today with positive news. Oldest trick in the book. Change the subject. Don’t talk about football. Some teams may play this fall. If they do there not taking Covid-19 serious.

    Interesting tweet by Dom Izzy about competition between SU and UND saying they may not play until 2021. Maybe he was hinting there done playing period. Is the announcement coming there headed to the Big 12? Big 12 has only 10 schools. SU has wrestling there. Makes sense. Money talks people like money.

    Jeremy Jorgensen SU press conference years ago said SU football game in GF is off the table.

    Again who told Bubba not to practice? Who told Kelly not to have no nickname as an option. Disasters perfect time to make changes.

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