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  1. Todd says:

    Thanks for the update. Love ANY news these days.

    Thoughts on St Thomas joining the conference? Some on Twitter feel it will hurt the Dakota schools recruiting in the cities. I know the team just south of GF has annually nabbed 5 of the top 20 MN recruits.
    Will players be inclined to stay in the Cities to attend a private school?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      I think its great for the Summit League to have a team in Minneapolis. The Tommies football team is actually joining the Pioneer League so it won’t be a direct battle all the time but yes, they will try to pull recruits away from UND, NDSU, SDSU, USD and UNI. I am sure there are multiple kids per year that want to stay in the cities and this will give them that option. I am not overly alarmed over the recruited aspect of it.

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