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  1. Jeremy Gusaas says:

    While I agree UND got hammered on the ground and the score shows a 3 possession loss, this had the makings of a 2 possession game at worst. UND was on the wrong end of multiple missed pass interference calls. If UND gets one or two to go there way, we maybe score a TD or a couple FGs and the final score is 31 – 20.

  2. Siouxfan46 says:

    A friend of mine called last Wednesday and said that UND would win. I told him that was a trap game. NDSU had their backs against the wall, if they lost Saturdays game they would be 2 games back of the Hawks with a tough game with SDSU left to play. The matchup with UND was a must win for them, and, as I thought, they played with a lot of determination and focus. UND had a game to give, not a must win , and they played like it, kind of flat with poor focus. If your a betting man you never bet on the team that can give a game.
    NDSU loaded the box and dared the Hawks to beat them through the air. UND did not adjust to the Bison running game and try to force them to pass, they threw a grand total of 4 passes in the second half.
    It has to be mentioned that they were a few calls or non calls that played a part in the game. The pretty obvious offensive pass interference just before the half that gave NDSU a touchdown just before halftime that made it a 2 touchdown lead instead of a 1 score lead at halftime. The lack of a call on the punt also hurt. If UND had played better and the score was closer those calls, or non calls, would have been more important.
    I was really hoping this would be a close game, the fact that it was really no different than. The last couple of UND/NDSU games was very discouraging.

  3. jeff says:

    should’ve worn some black uni’s tops or bottoms
    special teams are back to being special
    tommy needs to use his feet or it’s q time
    otis needs more touches
    wr’s need to get seperation
    where did our te’s go
    could’ve been worse
    time to beat youngstown
    dosh is 100% a smoker!

  4. Tom Johnson says:

    Didn’t understand the timeout we called with about 2:50 left before half after we got NDSU to fourth down. Should have let the clock run, still would have had over 2 minutes and 3 timeouts for us to try and do something on offense (plenty of time). Instead we give them the ball back with 1:30 and they score. If NDSU gets the ball back with 50 seconds left we can play much more loose on defense and the long pass likely doesn’t happen. That timeout cost us 7 points and was not necessary.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Not sure either. Your point is valid. I was hoping UND would’ve completed a pass or two after that to get the clock running more but went three straight incompletions. That left too much time.

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