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  1. Jeremy Gusaas says:

    Any chance of Vaughn beating out Tommy next year for the QB 1 spot? I loved what Tommy did this year, but Vaughn has the prototype size and arm and I think could open up a whole new level on our offense.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      There is always a chance, yes. But Tommy was better this spring so not sure what would change over the summer. Quincy has the tools and size, no doubt.

      1. Jeremy Gusaas says:

        Seems like the knock on Quincy was his accuracy. If that developed over the year and continues over the summer, would have to think that Quincy offers a total package. Would allow us to incorporate the deep ball and open up the offense. Not sure how much Tommy can develop as a deep passer. Regardless it is nice to have a solid qb room and know that whoever is behind center is capable of leading us to wins. Hope that none of them transfer. Feeney should be able to develop for a couple years and then take over when Schuster/Vaughn are gone.

  2. Todd says:

    Tommy, Vaughn and Feeney provide nice QB depth, but with the transfer portal becoming more popular, does one head that direction.
    I see Paulson is taking that step.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      A bit of a surprise but he did graduate so it makes sense to do it now.

  3. Siouxhog71 says:

    Thanks for the coverage this year! I looked forward to it every Mon/Thurs. This spring season was an absolute blast. UND played arguable three of the best teams in the country and was really tested. I hope that leads to much confidence and growth heading into the fall. One thing you didn’t mention was they need improved play on the road and that will test them in the fall. If they play NDSU and/or JMU at home it’s a different ball game, but you still have to win on the road. I didn’t see much fire on the sideline in the JMU game and I sat right behind it for a half. I didn’t see any vocal leadership, no inspiring call to pick it up, not much attitude. They played with swagger at home, but not so much on the road.

    Overall, I was really proud of this team and thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Go UND!

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Appreciate that! Good point about home/road. The struggles are real on the road and part of that may be the lack of leadership that is needed to fill the gap of emotional loss from no crowd, etc. UND played very average vs. JMU and still were in it most of the game. Too many mistakes in execution on both sides of the ball.

      1. Siouxfan46 says:

        Sometime during the JMU game the tv annal analyst guy made the comment that it was going to be hard for UND to push 300 lb offensive linemen around when their defensive linemen weighed 260- 270.lbs. Next year other teams will take a page out of the NDSU and JMU playbook and use a power running game to ram the ball down UND’s throats. The Hawk’s are too light on the d line. Is that fixable in the next 4 months?

      2. Moser53 says:

        Otis Weah is he the next to play portal ball?

        Kelly for recruiting coordinator

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