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  1. Grady E. Kruse says:

    Bummer about Zeke. Hopefully he comes back. He was a beast when he was healthy.

  2. UND Fan says:

    I understand that we have a new offense and the lighter weights likely mean the OL will be more mobile but can we win with an OL that small?

    1. und360-kelly says:

      I believe they can win, yes. But are certainly not going to consistently maul people. Hergel would be the one guy who plays that way. The rest will need to be good technical blockers with an edge to them.

  3. Sioux 46 says:

    I thought Norman was the heir apparent st qtr back and had all kinds of potential at that position. Why the switch to wide receiver?

  4. sioux46 says:

    I meant Boltman

    1. und360-kelly says:

      We thought he did also but he was going to be #3-4 on the depth chart so they figured they would try and utilize his talents to help the team. Glad to see the staff adjusting and using guys to where it helps the team.

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