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  1. Fade says:

    Where are our smaller speed WRs? Inexcusable to have them spectating the entire game while the tall ones can’t separate.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Izzy plays consistently but Cam McKinney doesn’t get much run. If I know anything it’s that they go with who they can trust to run the plays correctly. The two previously mentioned players are second d year guys with little experience.

      1. Fade says:

        It’s too much to ask to have a handful of plays to get the fastest guys on the team the ball a few times a game? This is a very easy thing to do.

        1. und360-kelly says:

          It sounds easy, yes. But they watch these players every day in practice and if they were good at something I would assume it would be utilized. To be fast is great, but to be able to do something with that speed within the framework of an offense is another. Izzy was used several times in the opener vs MVSU. Last week not so much.

          1. Fade says:

            It took how long to throw Santiago a screen pass? Three years?

  2. Moser53 says:

    On D in the 4th quarter no Tank no Larson that hurt. Who played up the middle in the 4th? It looks like our top guys on D are very good FCS players. Feel better about our D backs. Injuries on D could hurt a lot.

    Washington QB scrambled well. There receivers made great catches on the sidelines with UNDs D backs covering them well. There circus catches played a Hugh part of the game.

    Offence big question mark with this team.

    1. und360-kelly says:

      The middle was not quite as effective by that time, you are correct. We are on to Sam Houston!

  3. Moser53 says:

    Lots of talk about the wideouts and QBs on this team.Can’t remember so many tall receivers at UND. Gustafson,Graff, Dressler and many more were shorter like the New England Pats receivers. Not questioning our big guys abilities but it looks like a different approach. Better blockers maybe? Better red zone guys? Do any of our smaller guys have hands you can depend on?

    QB play some of the guys since 2000 Klosterman, Manke, Bowenkamp, Ferund, Hanson, Hendrickson,These guys were good. If our current guys are as good as these guys we’ll be in good shape. Hope they prove it. UND360 guys can our current group of QBs pass as good as our current QB coach Danny Freund? That would be great.

    1. Griebel says:

      With Griebel healthy now, that may give Ketringham the check down “reliable” to keep drives alive a bit more often. May take a week to integrate him back in, but every little bit helps, and he has been in the rotation this week.

  4. Moser53 says:

    Three players you talk about in your write up Brady Leach, Nate Ketteringham and James Johannasson. A coaches job is always on the line and for the teams sake you have to produce or try someone else. I remember being taken out of a game for not playing up to par. You hope these guys produce.

    Leach-Relax and follow through
    Johannasson- The big Icelander big potential next years heir apparent. Attack the holes.
    Ketteringham- Comes here from Sac St. same school former AD Terry Wanless was at. Most important position on the team.Won the job let’s hope he produces.

  5. Moser53 says:

    On Sioux Sports 7 guys either questionable or won’t play. Who’s going to replace Larson and Tank on D. On O Tobin, Waletzko and Nyguin.if these 7 were good to go I like UNDs odds to win. Is the big linebacker transfer from the Gophers playing much? Who is the backup noseguard? Maybe try 310 pound Kyle Hergel at nose.

  6. Moser53 says:

    You gotta feel for Bubba—-who’s got your back? Sioux Sports,State of North Dakota, Higher Ed Board, UND Administration, Alumni Foundation, Coaches, Players. Sometimes people overplay there hand. Hang in there Bubba. Injury bug go away give us a break.

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