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  1. Moser53 says:

    Predicting UND and Viking games difficult to say the least.

    I missed SiouxVolleys post on Sioux Sports last month about NDSU athletic director saying NDSU will be going FBS in the near future. Saw it today.

    SU press conference a few years ago SU guy said playing a football game in GF is off the table. Could they say this is our last year Missouri Valley so a trip to GF doesn’t happen? Not sure on the Valleys rules.

    Many SU moving up deniers will give a list of logic reasons why they can’t. Don’t think the lack cash is one of them.

    What conference would I buy my way into. I would follow Gene Taylor to the Big 12. Is this a done deal? 40 Million revenue share to members of that conference.

    What do you think? Big 12 for the Bison or not,

  2. Moser53 says:

    ST Thomas U gets waver from NCAA to skip a step and go. D1. Not been an easy path for UND to get to the same conferences are our traditional rivals are in. NCAA hasn’t given many breaks to UND. The Sioux nickname should have never been taken away. When Spirit Lake said yes that should have been good enough. It was good enough for the other colleges one tribe approval.

    The St. Thomas news is one week ahead of an announcement next week from the NDSU Foundation. The press conference is from what I heard on KFGO this week is about donations to SU. One week after St Thomas said they were moving up. Could this announcement be about more than money?

    Is SU going to announce there going FBS?

  3. Moser53 says:

    Frustration on Bisonville over Augustana to the Summit. Sioux Falls guys would love to send Bison fans up I29 with there tail between there legs. SU guys know it.

    Governor Bergum rarely or never says anything at all about what the plan is for SU athletes. You know he cares deeply about SU sports. What’s his relationship with T Denney Sanford? 500 Million For Hospital Millions to SU. One would wonder if they have an understanding or a plan for Sioux Falls and Fargo. You know there’s a plan or are they stuck.

    St. Thomas in Auge in does that mean SU and maybe SDSU out. Does SDSU in Brookings have enough muscle to go FBS?

    SU Foundation press conference on Thursday is it just about 500 million raised or is there more? Big 12 baby!

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