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  1. MJ says:

    Jordan Gigli ??

    1. und360-kelly says:

      Would be a negative move for him. Making way more money and is tied to a new FBS staff meaning their is the chance to keep moving up the ladder.

  2. Evan says:

    Why not go after someone from NDSU, they seemed have a solid defensive unit the last decade?

    1. joe says:

      Because they are either at Wyoming or K-State.

      Entz staff is very young.

  3. Moser53 says:

    For years we have read the posters on SS supporting every cut every building being demolished. When there finished dismantling UND they will disappear as fast as Kelly,Schafer and Kennedy did. Cass County Cash-Legacy Loot.

    Now the thee four defense sucks

  4. Moser53 says:

    On Sioux Sports I’d like to see a conversation about the future of the Grand Forks Airport. There was a post that said JLG did a poor job designing the airport. And Patrick Dame who is no longer here ( of course} should have been fired for only putting in 2 jet bridges all they did was recreate the former terminal and add a second deck.

    What’s the tip that says the GF Airport is probably or likely closing? January 2016 FedEx leaving GF for Fargo. Look how the media on campus or in GF has been eliminated one step at a time. Linton ND high school has it’s own radio station. 1620 KLHS. UND has nothing that I know of.

    UND Professor Sheila Liming has written an article entitled My University is Dying. The Republican Party and there Democratic accomplices in ND have a plan. It’s to have one large University and a big time Football program in Fargo that will make the whole state proud. They can sleep a nite because they believe what there doing is the right thing.

    Even though they know what there doing thru there sneaky back room way of doing things is unethical to put it mildly.

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