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  1. RC says:

    Taj Rich was in attendance, any verbal confirm?

    Also, any chance that Chris Comes gets a look this week?

    1. oskie says:

      We did confirm that Taj Rich was in attendance and we have no reason to believe he is not committed. We have not seen anything in print media but have been told he has committed by our sources in the cities.

  2. JW says:

    First of all, I agree that Bradley did not play the greatest game but let’s be a little objective about the the second drive. I just watched the game film and yes, we did settle for a field goal but it was a very good throw to #5 that put the ball on the one yard line, the overthrow to the TE was on first down AND we had two more shots at the end zone. Two run plays that were stuffed. Let’s not put the entire blame of not scoring a TD on the shoulders of the qb.

    1. oskie says:

      The point we made is that the TE, Seth Nichols-who stand’s 6’5″, was wide open dragging across the back of the end zone and Bradley threw it high and wide of him. Those next two plays were called because of how that first play went and frankly, they never should have been called because the completion should have been made.

      This team is not good enough to throw away golden chances, either on offense or defense. If they convert on their big play opportunities they can beat alot of teams.

      We understand he is a young QB and needs time. We do need to be more objective at times. Point taken.

      1. JW says:

        Hey Oskie, I enjoy your blog alot and respect your football expertise. YES, the pass was there but that pass is not always completed (sometimes the receiver drops it). Do I understand then that 2nd and 3rd down were meaningless plays and did not have the same importance as 1st down? Unless you’re just trying to beat down the qb, I don’t get your opinion.

        1. oskie says:

          Your using expertise a bit loosely!

          What I was getting at was that the Sioux had one chance at play-action when they were on the goal line. Usually first down is your best chance, especially with it being on the one yard line. Once that wasn’t completed, the element of surprise was mostly gone. The Sioux are not a team that can spread you out near the goal line and pass. The receivers are too short and are limited to either slants or outs and those even are tough so close to the goal line. I feel they ran the ball then because of these factors and because their running game was going pretty good on the year and thought they could get one yard.

          Its a tough deal. I certainly don’t mean to sit here and act like an expert because I am not. I just know that the Sioux have to take advantage of all of their opportunities because they are still a program in transition and are only as good as some of the teams they are playing, not significantly better.

  3. John Slover says:

    It was a great game. I am really glad UND will be joining Cal Poly in the Big Sky next year. I am looking forward to many more epic battles with UND.

    I do agree this is a game that the Sioux could have won and they miss on a few opportunities like the TE dragging along the back of the endzone, but Cal Poly missed a few too. Twice Cal Poly had wide open WRs that were 3 to 5 yards behind the UND defenders that would have been TDs. One was on third down in the 4th quarter and to Willie Tucker and Cal Poly was forced to punt. The other was at the end of the first half to Jared Houston and Cal Poly settled for a FG. Cal Poly WR Jared Houston all had a ball goes through his hands in the endzone (he was well defended) in the first quarter and Cal Poly settled for a FG.

    1. JW says:

      Good comments, both teams had their missed opportunities which is the way most games go. In addition to a number of miscues by the qb as well as others the miss to the TE across the back of the end zone (on the second possession) was big but that was on first down and we had two/three more shots at the end zone from the one yard line. The fact is that we should have been able to punch it in. And, remember we had a dropped ball on their 10 yard line late in the 4th quarter and our last offensive play of the game was an interception right to the defender with enough time left on the clock to get into the end zone.

  4. frig voss reporting says:

    Is there any chance Comes sees the field this year? How does he look in practice?

    Seth Nichols should be a young qb’s favorite target…..

  5. UND92,96 says:

    Regarding Comes, he hasn’t been on the travel squad so far this year has he? If not, it wouldn’t seem there’s much of chance he’ll see the field any time soon.

  6. UND9296 says:

    It seems like the UND pass defense gives up 240-270 yards per game every year, and this year is no exception. I can live with giving up yardage if teams are earning it, and particularly if the running game is shut down and teams are forced to pass on nearly every down, but it’s really frustrating when the db’s are completely in the wrong place, or are giving far too much cushion, and therefore giving up yardage far too easily. I don’t believe it’s an issue of lack of talent. So what’s the problem?

    1. oskie says:

      UND has always given up a decent amount of passing yards. In the media guide it shows the numbers throughout the years, but most of those were in the D2 days. It got much worse as the transition to D1 started.

      I will agree that the past few years there has been a fundamental problem in the secondary. There are a few plays every game where the defensive backs blow the coverage or appear to. Blown coverages should not happen every game – maybe 3-4 times a year at the most. They have shown glimpses of improvement this season but this past game vs. Poly made it seem like they are regressing again. Way too many receivers running behind our defensive backs. Are the DB’s not getting the scheme or are they thinking too much out there? We don’t know because we are not with the program but something is going on.

      I also agree it is frustrating because the run defense is always solid. If you can stop the run, you can win games. However, if you offset that with 2-3 complete mental breakdowns in pass defense than it doesn’t really matter.

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