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  1. Parker says:

    Thanks Mr. Miller as always for the updates. I’m one of those guys who is in and out of the blog to keep up best I can as time permits. Looking forward to when you guys do your next live chat. Also looking forward to a general rehash of the comings and goings of transfers, recruits and upcoming camp battles.

  2. Parker says:

    Sorry boys, gave wrong credit. Appreciate the work. Still hung over form the hockey season I think with Schloss and Miller. #isitmondaystill#needmorecoffee

    1. oskie says:

      No worries my friend. Thanks for following!

  3. MoSiouxFan says:

    Ryan Tobin and Noah Mortel, the two Wisconsin OL that you mentioned that UND signed last year, aren’t on the roster. Have they already left the program?

    1. oskie says:

      They signed this winter. Arriving in a few weeks.

  4. MoSiouxFan says:

    Thanks, Oskie! And thanks for the update.

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