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  1. Dude is a linebacker says:

    I really hope one of the coaches gets curious about Will at LB. Either that or injury to LBs will give him a chance to show that he’s not a FB but a hidden gem at LB.

    1. oskie says:

      Good comment. We were thinking the same thing. He can play LB. Like you said, hopefully, somehow it works out to where he ends up at LB for one team or another.

  2. Sioux46 says:

    I believe I read that Atlanta drafted the Northwestern fullback whose pro day numbers were similar to Will’s. This guy has 4 years of fbs experience playing the position. That part of Ratelle’s choice of teams I don’t like so much.

  3. Sioux46 says:

    Oops, the guy I was thinking of from Northwestern was picked by Tampa.

    1. oskie says:

      No worries! Will is going to have his work cut out for him but if there was every a guy to overcome the odds, its him.

  4. He's a LB damnit says:

    Falcons FB was first team all pro last year fwiw. I just don’t see Will getting wasted at FB.

  5. I do not believe Ratelle will make a roster playing fullback, but hope I am dead wrong. I believe his only route is as a depth linebacker who plays on every special team.

    With the right team and situation, there is no question that he can succeed in that scenario and make a roster.

    1. UND Supporter says:

      I agree. For Will to make the Falcons, he will have to put together some highlight special teams’ plays, which he fortunately is very capable of.

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