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  1. Dic Graham says:

    James Johanson was the only RB listed and wasn’t discussed. The other RB’s are projected to DB positions. With Santiago and Olivera moving into their junior year I would think Bubba and staff would be looking to sign more running backs now.


    1. oskie says:

      They now have four with Gordon, who is a sophomore. Next year they will add two more and be back up to four for 2019. Plus Nevermann makes five for next year.

  2. I hear ya Dic, but for the sake of the current depth chart, RB just was not a priority this year. It will be next year almost guaranteed.

  3. Old Hog 78 says:

    Any thoughts on why nothing from north of the border this year? Did they try up there with no luck, or is it not a focus any more?

    1. oskie says:

      The Winnipeg area was down this year so that hurt. They tried British Columbia but came up empty on Bull and McDonald. The Seguin kid was a weird deal where I think he got some bad advice to try bigger and nothing panned out.

      To sum it up: one of those years. Winnipeg/Saskatchewan/Thunder Bay are the best bets for getting kids that want to come to North Dakota.

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