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  1. Dennis says:

    Tingey of Idaho SU? Is he not the same guy that stiffed UND a few years ago on a low buyout to play Oklahoma and get beat like 65-0? He has never liked UND. He would not go to bat for UND as he was lambasted for backing out at the time. Losing to ISU is bad enough, but for their AD to not stand up is borderline criminal. What a joke, where was Fullerton?

    1. Yes the same ISU that bought out the back end of UND’s home and home during the transition after UND went to Pocatello and won.

      Also the same ISU that UND lost to at home this year. Different program now though.

  2. UND Supporter says:

    Obviously, there was a lack of objectivity going on within the FCS playoff selection committee.

    Chairman picks a fellow Ohio Valley Conference team that obviously has a poorer record than UND; Idaho State AD has issues with University of North Dakota and doesn’t lobby for a 4th Big Sky Conference playoff team; MVFC is overrepresented with a 6-win Western Illinois team. It goes on and on.

    This process is crap and horribly biased.

    Good thing is next year’s team loses very few starters and will have better depth than this year’s team. Here’s to hoping Bubba and the coaching staff do their best to motivate the team and just plain win the Big Sky Conference in 2016, thus eliminating all doubt that the committee will screw up again.

    Go UND!

  3. Siouxfan46 says:

    I’ve been trying to find out if fcs uses a pair wise or rpi ranking system for playooff selections as college hockey does.. If they did maybe we’re not having this conversation. We definitely wouldn’t be if we had taken care of business against Idaho State or Weber State

    1. twitter says:

      UND is ranked 36th in the SRS which is the equivalent of the pairwise.

      1. oskie says:

        The SRS is a complete joke and should be eliminated. Look at the criteria it uses.


        Everyone who knows anything about football.

      2. 27 says:

        While not a great ranking, it is still above UNH.

  4. UND Fan says:

    “The one disappointing play defensively was when Poly continued to predictably chuck it deep in catchup mode and Deion Harris was beaten on a long TD pass play unnecessarily. Have to be smarter in that situation. Make it a learning experience.”

    Happened quite a few times this season…I just keep wondering how and why?

  5. Guest says:

    Is this type of blatant mistake common? I admit I haven’t followed the selection show prior to this year, but wow. It’s embarrassing for the committee and anyone trying to promote the benefits of FCS and its playoff system.

    Also, as expressed by fans of the MVFC, the playoffs should be fun for teams and fans and be a true bracket, not an exercise in saving travel costs.

  6. MoSiouxFan says:

    The omission of UND from the playoffs is a disgrace. They won their place in the playoffs by garnering 7 division I wins, winning an FBS game, finishing strong by winning their last three games, and beating a seeded team (Portland St.). I’d like to see how many other 7-win playoff teams have that kind of a resume. I’ve lost what little, and I do mean little, respect that I had for the NCAA. It’s time to go to a pairwise type of system to get the politics out of it. I’m sick for our players and coaches.

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