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  1. RC says:

    Very excited to see what Walker can do. Seem to recall Mussman saying in a presser earlier this year that Walker was actually making a legit push for the starting center spot.

  2. MN sioux says:

    Great insight on the game. I can’t wait. Hope our boys come out with emotion and have a great crowd backing that up. Go Sioux!

  3. MoSiouxFan says:

    Quesenberry got hurt in the Drake game in Aug.; what type of injury did he have that he’s considered out for the season? Is there no possibility whatsoever that he, Lynch or Bellmore will be back this season?

    1. oskie says:

      Quesenberry was declared out for the year immediately. Lynch and Bellmore are also out of the year with no chance of coming back. That is three pretty darn good lineman that the Sioux have lost this year.

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