We’re typically used to laying out the “fall camp” schedule for everyone, but like most everything else in the world, this year is different.


The UND Football program will begin their spring camp soon as they set their sights on the home opener on February 20th vs. the Missouri State Bears and new head coach Bobby Petrino.

On January 8th the team will begin workouts that lead up to spring camp.  That two-week time period is known as a “ramp-up” phase where they will hold meetings, runs, lifts, and walk-throughs – much like they did last fall.

After the two-week ramp-up is over spring camp officially begins on January 22nd.  They will practice four days per week, I believe, all happening in the morning. This will give the team a 29 day window to get prepared for the first game, which is similar to the fall camp window.

Regarding ticket availability for this upcoming season, we are going to assume that the number of spectators allowed will be around 50% of capacity – which means about 6,000 fans could attend the games.

The reason we say that is Governor Burgum recently dialed back the risk level in North Dakota to “moderate”.  The risk level could obviously change between now and February 20th but let’s hope not. Attending a football game would be absolutely glorious after what has gone down the last 9 months.

Lastly, after writing all of that I am a bit concerned about the spring season, to be honest.  In talking to some FCS media members out west they are skeptical that the Big Sky will actually play this spring.  Mainly due to weather and lack of indoor facilities for practice.  Another factor is getting in the requisite number of practices before the first game.  Montana’s first game is set for February 27th.

That tells me the Montana’s and maybe Eastern Washington & Weber State are trying to hash it out and see if it’s even possible because the Idaho’s have indoor facilities and the rest have fairly good weather.  Losing the Big Sky would be a major blow to the spring FCS landscape.

The MVFC could certainly play but how the playoffs would look is a question mark, especially if another conference bows out.