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  1. Gabriel Vonleh says:

    Samuel Fort is a very special young man. He comes from family of great athletes. A humble and very respectful individual that driven by a personal story that keeps him focused. I can’t wait to see him of the big stage. God bless you Sammy- Uncle G-

    1. Moser53 says:

      Gabriel thanks. Looks like UND got a great one.

  2. Moser53 says:

    News today you could say big news from the Higher Ed. Board. Not one word on Sioux Sports.

    UND turned down in there request. NDSU and School of Science big winners today. More students for them on campus as they get the ability to attract students that the other state schools can’t.

    Not one word on Sioux Sports. If I had the money or know how I would start another UND sports fans web site.

    The web the place where most of UNDs future enrolment will be.

  3. 247Sports-Dave says:

    I remember seeing Fort performa at the Nike opening in Ohio, where he had the 6th best score out of all Dbs. Was sure Fort would end up at a Power 5 school. UND got a steal. Predict him as a 3-4 year starter !

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